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新出版: 《技术,现代性和民主》

新出版: 《技术,现代性和民主》

Rowman&Littfield将在今年5月份发表我们的学术委员会成员Andrew Feenberg的新书《技术,现代性和民主》(2018年)。 您可以在Rowman&Littfield网站预订他的出版:https://www.rowmaninternational.com/book/technology_modernity_and_democracy/3-156-c4643f27-9655-4f1c-b806-1885d5c289a4


This important collection of essays by Andrew Feenberg presents his critical theory of technology, an innovative approach to philosophy and sociology of technology based on a synthesis of ideas drawn from STS and Frankfurt School Critical Theory.

According to critical theory of technology, technologies are neither neutral nor deterministic, but are encoded with specific socio-economic values and interests. Feenberg explores how they can be developed and adapted to more or less democratic values and institutions, and how their future is subject to social action, negotiation and reinterpretation. Technologies bring with them a particular “rationality,” sets of rules and implied ways of behaving and thinking which, despite their profound influence on institutions, ideas and actions, can be transformed in a process of democratic rationalization. Feenberg argues that the emergence of human communication on the Internet and the environmental movement offer abundant examples of public interventions that have reshaped technologies originally designed for different purposes. This volume includes chapters on citizenship and critical theory of technology, philosophy of technology and modernity, and Heidegger and Marcuse, two of the most prominent philosophers of technology.